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David Howard has a very clear vision which is based around connecting with our clients and staff. Our ethos is all about understanding needs, providing solutions, giving individuals and businesses opportunity and striving for excellence and achievement. We believe in working hard, but smart - having fun, producing results and delivering success for clients and staff. We believe in investing in people, technology, developing better ways of doing things, saving wasted time, being charitable and of great value to clients and to the wider community.

About us and the way we work

Our 6 Partners have ambitions to continue to drive the firm forward. We now service over 1,800 clients in a large variety of industries, ranging from individuals and sole traders through to multi million pound turnover international companies. We have acquired 8 small practices in 20 years, opened our second office in Weybridge in 2006 and our third office in Chobham in 2016, and Cranleigh office in 2018. Our business is contuing to thrive mostly on the back of referrals and our local reputation.

Our Staff are our most important asset as the quality of our staff dictates the service level we give. In addition to the Partners, 4 of the firm’s managers have obtained their professional Accountancy Qualifications with the firm. High staff retention is key to the service ethic we give to our clients, we believe strongly that our own enthusiasm and enjoyment of our work underlies the level of performance and results we are able to pass on to our clients.

We continue to adapt fast to the changing technologies of today’s world and have a strong IT bias. We use Remote Access Links with our clients as much as possible in order that information can be shared to aid discussion and reporting. We are expert Accounting Solution providers and partner with a number of key products. We also have a secure Client Area available to all clients where we store Accounts, and other information as well as useful forms etc. We have developed low cost, high quality outsourcing services for book-keeping and payroll which allow us to keep in touch with our clients needs on a daily basis, and these services are adding to the depth of knowledge and advice we are able to give.

We have Associate links with City based Tax Consultants, Lawyers, Financial Services Advisors, which allow us to tap in to cost effective specialist resources and therefore provide a complete solution where there are more specialist needs. 

We take pride in providing a personal service to our clients, led by our partners who work closely with their clients to understand their requirements and present very practical solutions for tackling their current concerns and planning for the future.

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