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Remote support

Below is a link to download a remote support tool which will allow us to view your computer desktop at the same time as yourself. This is an invaluable facility as it allows us to discuss information with you as if we were sitting together. It also allows us for some clients to periodically do work on their accounting system, give remote training and advice. The software is password protected and secure.

There are many different ways we can assist you with this facility and we would be happy to give you an online demonstration of how the software works or discuss the applications with you. We believe that this is a key way for us to obtain a closer relationship with you and therefore give you better advice and service, and so that your systems and management information is continually improved. Our staff are highly trained in Accounting and IT matters as well as Taxation and Business, and this facility allows us to give regular small bites of high value time to our clients.

Please click the link below to access this free service and contact us for a demonstration.

windows image Teamview for Windows

teamviewer for mac Teamviewer for Mac

Also for data transfer and storage of shared files we can set up a Client Area. to Login to this area please click on the link below;

Client Area