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Solution Based Services

At David Howard we use our expertise, systems and contacts to work though fresh ideas and plans for our clients. This approach is relevant to all aspects of our services whether in Tax planning, Business Planning and Management Accounting Systems, Book-keeping, Payroll or even Compliance work like end of Year Accounts.  Some examples are as below;

Tax Planning

We work closely with several Associates, to be able to furnish clients with availability of top Tax Consultants, Tax Planning products, and innovative planning opportunities. We are able to provide these at discounted prices and only where relevant.

Business Planning and Management

Working with you to help develop your business, we are able to provide a Finance Director type role for you, to provide you with expert direction on a part time basis as is needed. As well as meeting regularly and calling, our remote access systems and hosted data offer us different ways of keeping in touch with clients to enhance relationships.  

Book-keeping and Payroll

We use some highly innovative methods (eg cloud based, hosted solutions, scanning input services etc) to reduce your costs dramatically, as well as designing Accounting and business systems in a way which gives faster, clearer reporting. It has become possible through technological changes for us to provide transaction based services more cheaply than you could do yourselves.

Business Systems Consultancy

In our team we have highly skilled IT consultants who can provide software solutions to help you knit existing software together, design reports, or even write software to give you all the key information at your fingertips to run your business. Often business processes are extremely time hungry which means things dont get done or have a hidden cost. A litle attention to systems design can save huge sums and provide needed focus to the business.


We have an overseas branch headed by a ex top 4 qualified UK ICAEW Accountant though which we process much of the ‘back office’ information for our clients. This unique cost structure affords our clients significant extra value for core compliance services. We can therefore focus the extra time we have available on more important things like improving your systems and procedures, helping you develop your business and minimising tax liabilities!