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Value based compliance services

We believe that the core services within the Accountancy market are often expensive and in many old fashioned organisations Clients overpay for basic services and therefore cannot afford or are not offered the higher level advice and input they require.

How can we provide better value?

We think this is a key question for our clients to understand as to why we are able to provide something different. We have given some more detail below but in essence the way we work is different because of our lower cost structure and intelligent and innovative IT methods. By making our structure and systems as cost effective as we can, we can give basic compliance services at a low cost and therefore concentrate our time and effort on adding value to our clients through business and tax advice, systems development etc.

Overseas Branch

In 2008 we setup an overseas branch in order to be able to access quality staff at a lower cost for our clients. Hammad Jahangir (a top 4 Qualified ACA) worked for nearly 2 years as a Senior Manager in our Hampton Wick Office. Working remotely and seamlessly, Hammad manages our expanding Branch Office with day to day operations identical to those working in the UK, using the same systems and procedures used in our UK offices. Using and integrated VOIP telephone system and remote desktop access to our servers, communication with clients and staff is no different to a UK based employee, but because of the cost savings available to us, we have been able to pass on significant cost savings to our clients.

Some other firms are experimenting with outsourcing work to third parties, but as they are usually doing so through unconnected companies, with staff they don't know, this often leads to problems controlling quality of work and communication. We believe our solution is much more cost effective, secure and consequently enables us to gives our clients a better and more efficient service. We are now able to employ staff at a significantly lower cost, under our own normal training structure, direct control and supervision.

Back to Work Mums

We realised some years ago that there are a large number of mums with good skills but who find it difficult to find sufficient work time in and out of family responsibilities. Through our remote access and paperless approach we have been able to attract and train a number of staff. A small amount of training to highly receptive people can release them to give time in a flexible way that is invaluable to clients, and give them extra income.

We hope that we have given some flavour of the reasons we think we are a very different and new breed of organisation and would be pleased to talk to you more about how we can help you and your business.