Colin Bentall

I have attained extensive private practice experience providing a wide range of accounting and taxation services to small and medium sized business and individuals. I enjoy meeting with clients, discussing their business challenges and helping them to achieve their goals.

Frank Andreas

My main role is to manage and develop our outsource Bookkeeping Services. I have been really excited by the technological changes and developments which have allowed us to provide solutions to clients in totally different ways.

Philip Lane

I have taken on a diverse role within the firm, helping to develop the IT systems that we use today as well as heading up the development of our payroll business a key part of our outsourced services.

Jonathan Cowley

At David Howard I am looking after my current client base as well as expanding my portfolio with new clients and offering an excellent service.

Nicola King

I strive to provide my clients with the very best level of service. I am also responsible for internal training and development and aim to provide the staff with the same high level of targeted support that helped me to progress as quickly as I did.