Planning and compliance services for inheritance tax, trusts, probate and wills

Because of the tax planning opportunities that exist, inheritance tax is sometimes referred to as a ‘voluntary tax’. Having a Will and undertaking inheritance tax planning ensures you have control over who benefits from and how much tax is paid by your estate. It will also ensure you do not leave loved ones with administrative difficulties, avoid family disputes, and maybe having to sell off family assets to pay unexpected tax bills.

With the right planning, there are a number of things you can do now to make sure you pass as much of your wealth as possible on to your family and friends.

Our range of inheritance tax planning services includes:

  • Assess your current IHT exposure and suggesting IHT planning strategies
  • Tax effective Will provisions
  • Implementing lifetime planning
  • Use of trusts in IHT planning, and the interaction with Capital Gains Tax (CGT)
  • Advising on using insurance based IHT solutions

We can also administer Estates and deal with Probate. We already have an in depth knowledge of our clients’ financial affairs, have a large amount of the financial information we would need to deal with the estate at our fingertips such as accounts and tax returns, and Trust documents if we have advised on those matters, so provide very cost effective solutions which also significantly ease the administrative burden which would otherwise be left.

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