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Frank Andreas


I have always been highly interested in financial and commercial matters, and having started my own import business while I was at school, decided that a foundation in Accountancy would give me the variety of skills and knowledge to support my ambition. I had first time passes to my Accountancy exams, have built up a wealth of experience across a wide range of industries and was delighted to be welcomed as a Partner in 2010.

At David Howard, as well as looking after a portfolio of clients my main role is to manage and develop our outsource Bookkeeping Services. I have been really excited by the technological changes and developments which have arisen over the last few years and these have allowed us to provide solutions to clients in totally different ways. I have built up a motivated team and am able to tailor the right staff and systems for individual client needs. Whether with current or new clients and whether it’s changing systems, reporting information, implementing cost saving measures with or looking at tax saving strategies, I find every project something different and exciting.

Most of my time outside work is spent with my lovely daughter Amelia. I was a black belt in Karate at the age of 11 and try to train when I can. I also have a big interest in Japanese modified cars and when I can, I am usually at shows, track days or stripping down an engine!