Transferwise offer a number of banking and payment solutions for small and large business as below;

  • Cost effective bank accounts
  • International payments
  • Low cost payment and invoicing options
  • Payment solutions integrating with cloud sofware

The payment silution which integrates with Xero and Quckbooks is of particular interest to us in the way we work with our clients. The payments;

  • Can be generated by selecting invoices to pay in the acocunting software
  • Pay multiple suppliers and invoices through a single payment to be made through online banking
  • Send remittances to suppliers in the accounting software
  • Reconcile all supplier acocunts automaticall with no further accounting time and cost
  • Minimise bank charges
  • Save time and money!!

The video below shows how Transferwise works with Xero;


Follow this link to watch more videos on Xero.

David Howard is the only Certified Platinum Partner for Xero in the local area and one a of a small number of Platinum Partners in the UK.